25 Quotes from Brand Engagement Talent Experts


Having conversations and asking questions is the most powerful way to gather information. That’s exactly what Syncota Ltd., the event coordinator, did with more than 100 HR professionals from the US and Europe. From these conversations, two challenges rose to the top. Branding to attract the right talent and employee engagement. These two topics were the focus of the BE HR Conference … [Read more...]

3 Key Content Predictions That Can Boost Your Marketing Success in 2015

3 Key Content Predictions for 2015

Is content just a distraction or is it a real business strategy? Are you creating an experience your customers will love and remember? What plans have you made in 2015 to create and distribute content to attract and engage your customers? What are companies expected to achieve with content? Earlier this year 60 content experts from around the world shared their predictions for 2015 with … [Read more...]

Are You Using SlideShare To “Show And Tell” How You #GetCustomerLove?

High Expectations

Every company has a story to tell. Are you using SlideShare to "show and tell" how you are offering an exceptional experience that your customers love? In the last post I shared 7 golden nuggets to make your SlideShare decks come to life. In this post, I’m going to show and tell how you can create a captivating presentation. A story that connects with your audience’s mind and jogs … [Read more...]

7 Tips To Create Captivating SlideShare Decks To Attract Customers

Why Content Marketing Fails

Do you need to revive your SlideShare decks to make them more engaging? Are you thinking about repackaging your conferences, meetings and unique ideas into SlideShare decks, but not sure where to start? Here are 7 tips to create captivating SlideShare decks to grow your audience and attract potential customers to you. SlideShare is the hub to the world’s largest business content sharing … [Read more...]

Do You Know Why Now Is A Great Time To Be On SlideShare?


SlideShare is without doubt a unique social channel for busy business professionals whose lives are filled with presentations. You can make your ideas visual, easier to understand, and have a place to share those important presentations, interviews, and product demos with buyers and influencers who are looking for new ideas, products, and services. In Q4 of 2013, SlideShare averaged 60 … [Read more...]