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3 Key Content Predictions That Can Boost Your Marketing Success in 2015 - contenttriggers blog

3 Key Content Predictions That Can Boost Your Marketing Success in 2015

Is content just a distraction or is it a real business strategy? Are you creating an experience your customers will love and remember?

What plans have you made in 2015 to create and distribute content to attract and engage your customers?

What are companies expected to achieve with content?

Earlier this year 60 content experts from around the world shared their predictions for 2015 with Content Marketing Institute (CMI).

I’ve selected three of the top tips that can give your content a boost to attract and engage your customers. Create an experience you want people to talk about.

3 Top Predictions for 2015

Prediction #1

Steve Yuen the Marketing Specialist, Universities at Zipcar


Steve predicts an increase of brands working to change the world. Let’s see how this unfolds?

Stories go back to our childhood. It’s what we are familiar with and moves us to imagine what it would be like if …

We just can’t get enough stories.

Companies are starting to realize how powerful authentic stories can be to reach people and propel them to make decisions. It all starts with your Why. Why does you company exist? How are you changing the lives of your customers?

Peter Guber is the founder and CEO of Mandalay Entertainment Group, and former CEO of Sony Pictures. In his book Tell to Win: Connect, Persuade, and Triumph with the Hidden Power of Story. Peter explains that everyone in business shares one universal problem: to persuade others (executives, shareholders, the media, buyers, investors customers, employees) to support a vision, a dream, or a cause.

He explains that stories stir emotions and get people to take action. You’re not just reaching their pockets you’re reaching their hearts.

Every company, organization, as well as entrepreneurs have this tool in their business tool kit. It could be a nugget uncovered from customer service, an engineer’s revelation about how and why a product was made, or the origin story of the company from the owner.

It’s just a matter of digging for the right source and getting the right person to tell it in the right context.

Which brings us to the next prediction.

Prediction #2

Jay Baer, President from Convince & Convert


Jay Baer explains cooperative content and why it’s important?

It’s not just content coming from marketing. It’s a mix of content coming from inside your company, from engineers, customer service people, trainers, HR, to partners and even customers. It conveys a consistent message and highlights what’s unique about your company, your products, or your services.

It’s real and authentic content that no one else can copy and your customers will find engaging.

Prediction #3

Frank Strong, Communications Director at LexisNexis
for the Business of Law Software Solutions


Frank Strong predicts that brands will begin to realize “content marketing” isn’t the same thing as merely producing content.

He explains that companies who succeed will double their investment in doing it the right way and produce useful content across the organization from marketing to HR to customer service—cooperative content. It’s content with a purpose.

There is a lot of confusion about the term content and content marketing. Content can encompass any form of communication. It’s the big picture. It can include tweets about what you’re having for dinner, videos of how to carve a turkey, to Instagrams of your dog eating everything in your frig, and emails filling up your inbox. There’s a lot of it and known as mass content or content clutter.

Content marketing, on the other hand, is a targeted, specialized form of content that takes communication to a new, deeper level. It has a purpose and should be focused on your audience’s desires and obstacles to inspire profitable action.

In Summary

There were 60 content predictions made by experts in various companies and organizations, as well as entrepreneurs for 2015. But, there are three predictions that stand out.

They are:
1. Create stories that change the world and tap into a person’s emotions and beliefs.

2. Using insider stories, from within your organization, that no one else can copy.

3. Creating useful content across the organization, from marketing to HR to customer service. Content that has a purpose and is focused on your audience’s desires and obstacles. Useful content can inspire profitable action.

Are you already doing any of these?

Remember to go back to the 7 Triggers for Irresistible Content Center Strategy.

Keep your customers at the center of all your content to easily enable you to make it useful, interesting, or even entertaining. It includes ideas for all 3 of these top predictions. But don’t forget to plan out your content purpose and strategy first.

Be sure to check out the other 57 predictions.


Thanks to CMI for putting this list together and sharing.

What are your favorite predictions from these 60 content experts?

If you’re not doing content marketing, I hope this will encourage you get more information.

If you are doing content marketing, what are your plans for 2015?

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