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5 Ways You Can Recapture Your Buyers Attention as They Jump From One Device to the Next - contenttriggers blog

5 Ways You Can Recapture Your Buyers Attention as They Jump From One Device to the Next

How are you capturing your digitally connected buyer’s attention, and holding onto it?

Think of how your day digitally unfolds… You check your email on your smartphone, engage with brands and thought leaders on Twitter, scope out the latest trends on Instagram, complete projects on your laptop, and when you get home, browse sites on your tablet while watching TV.

Capturing attention is a key ingredient in advertising. But, digitally connected, multi-screened lifestyles are changing the way to get it.

In this post, you’ll discover a new report by Microsoft Canada. It focuses on attention spans of consumers and how they affect your marketing and your content. You will also discover 5 ways to recapture attention as buyers jump from one device to the next.

So, What About Focus?

Microsoft Canada recently released a report called, Attention Spans. This report is a study based on neurological research along with a game-ified, online, quantitative survey of more than 2,000 Canadians, ages 18-65+. It highlights how their digital lifestyles are affecting focus and attention spans in advertising and marketing.

That’s right. According to the study, our ability to focus our attention on a single task has shortened. Even though focus is key in staying organized, productive, and in GTD. Getting Things Done, is a time management book, by productivity consultant David Allen. (That’s a topic for another article.)


Because of four different behaviors:

1. Desire for different types and volumes of media

2. Multi-screen searching

3. Social media

4. Quick adoption of, and adapting to, technology

So what does this mean for advertising and for marketers (which in a sense we all are, regardless of our roles)?

For one, it’s crucial to analyze these four behaviors when planning for and creating content. Adapt your content to each one of these that fits your audience’s lifestyle and behaviors.

This study shares two key findings that also affect your marketing.

2 Key Findings on Attention Spans




Is there Good News?

Yes, there is good news is.

Because of the multi-tasking abilities and social media usage, consumers are more engaged with short bursts of high attention. They shift back and forth, grabbing bits of information from different sources that spark their interest at the time. This means you haven’t completely lost their attention. You can get it back.

Here are 5 ways for marketers to recapture attention with their content.








Human attention spans and the ability to focus on a single task have dwindled. Our digital, techie lifestyles involve craving a variety of media, multi-screening, connecting via social media, multi-tasking, and adapting to new technologies.

But, what does this mean for marketers and advertising?

Be sure to know your customer’s lifestyle and behaviors, as well as their demographics. Then create the right kind of content adapted to the digital, tech-savvy lifestyles of your customers, followers, and fans.

Microsoft Canada discovered in their study that consumers are more engaged with short bursts of high attention as they shift back and forth from one attention-grabbing thing to the next. But the good news is that you haven’t completely lost their attention.

You can get it back.

Microsoft shared 5 ways to adapt and recapture your buyer’s attention. Try them out and see how much better your results will be to attract and engage your digital audience. But remember, once they’re engaged, they’ll want the details. That’s where the longer research reports, white papers, guidelines, and technical content come in.

You can read the full report called Attention Spans 2015 here. There are a lot of great facts and findings to uncover.

How are you recapturing your savvy, digital buyers attention?

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