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What is Irresistible Content and Why is It Important to Your Content Marketing Mix? - contenttriggers blog

What Is Irresistible Content And Why Is It Important To Your Content Marketing Mix?

High quality educational content is proving to be more effective than advertising.

Content marketing is really a process to show customer love and inspire people to want to do business with you. It’s a different mindset than just selling.

Many companies are still struggling with content marketing to engage their buyers while at the same time meet their needs. Some have the wrong message.  Others are challenged with figuring out what topics to discuss to accomplish their goals. Still others have no content plan and are wondering how much to produce.

This infographic examines 7 triggers that make content hard to resist. These 7 triggers position the customer at the CENTER of your content. They give buyers a reason to pay attention, want more information, and choose to do business with you. Check out the infographic to see a quick view of how it works.

Here’s another definition. “Content marketing is any marketing format that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content to acquire customers. It’s an alternative to intrusive advertisements by offering branded ‘brought to you by’ content. The buyer’s experience with the content is positive and becomes associated with a positive experience with the brand. This makes them more likely to purchase.”  by Wikipedia

Irresistible content is a way to craft this information for content marketing to be interesting, meaningful, useful or even entertaining. It creates that positive experience.

Content can be in many forms, such as a report, a webinar, a video or a podcast. But in all cases it triggers a person’s emotions, desires, needs, passion or curiosity. It then nudges them to impulsively want to read it, see it or hear it. Irresistible content can create a connection with buyers and inspire them to take action.

On the other hand, it’s also crafted with business objectives in mind. What does the company want to accomplish with this content and how do they want to be perceived? The CENTER strategy helps to organize your thoughts, compare your existing content and streamline your planning.

Let’s Review The 7 Triggers for Irresistible Content

They combine a person’s key desires, changing behaviors and business needs all packed into these 7 powerful ingredients.


You can send out all the messages, emails, reports, texts and tweets you want. But without making the connection, it will be difficult to get your buyer engaged enough to want to interact with you and request more information. There are two pillars that determine the strength of your marketing messages in making the connection. Discover what they are in a future post.


People are inundated with information, excessive multitasking, and “8 second” attention spans. There are three key ways to engage them. One is to make the experience personal or personable. We’ll discuss all three in another post. What will grab your buyers’ attention and keep them interested?


Your prospect is interested. In fact, she’s gone so far as to tell you so. If you lose her attention now, she’ll most likely look elsewhere. Content can be a great way to stay in touch and guide buyers through their journey, if done well. There are three big content challenges you can face when nurturing buyers. Stay tuned…


Build trust and credibility up front to get results with less effort, in less time, and make it more cost effective. Take advantage of a major ingredient of trust. It’s often overlooked, but vital in the online world. Learn what it is in a future post.


Buyers spend a lot of time researching. You can act as a guide to help establish requirements and streamline the entire process through educational content. As they move further along the cycle, they’ll be more open to learning about your products and services. There are three major obstacles that can stop a buyer in her tracks. Stay tuned…


Content is an asset. You spend valuable time and money researching and planning to attract customers. Increase your return on investment and expand your reach by repackaging content in different forms for different needs. Discover ways to repackage your content in future articles on this site.

P.S. Plan & Share

Take the elements of the last six triggers and map out a plan to create content that gets results. We’ll look at tools and ways to plan your content. More detailed information to come.

Of course without sharing and promoting your content, you won’t get much visibility. Plan in advance all the places you wish to share and promote. Include them in your content plan. Just be sure your content is showing up where your ideal customers are and is addressing their needs throughout the process. Stay tuned for more resources…

In this blog, we can explore what it takes to make content irresistible using all 7 triggers. Changes are rapid, so keep an open mind and let’s see what evolves. I’ll also be sharing “hot topics” at the latest events and webinars that I’ll be attending.

Check out how missing this one key ingredient can stop your content marketing in its tracks.

Infographic: contenttriggers, LLC

What Are Your Thoughts?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, beliefs and experiences with content and any of these triggers. Feel free to post your comments and questions.

  • Are you having challenges crafting content that engages buyers to come back again and again?
  • Are you repackaging existing content you’ve spent valuable time and money on?
  • Are you creating enough content to educate your buyers especially early on in their journey?
  • Do you have a content marketing plan to create content consistently?


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