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6 Reasons Why You Should Be Part Of The Largest Professional Content Sharing Community - contenttriggers blog

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Part Of The Largest Professional Content Sharing Community

Business Content Sharing Community

Are you part of the world’s largest professional content sharing community to connect with and attract customers?

It’s also the world’s largest community for sharing presentations.

If you haven’t guessed, it’s SlideShare.

Most of you have heard of it, and many of you use it as part of your content marketing. Regardless, marketers still have questions about using this platform and getting better results.

Do you know who is using SlideShare and why? Do you also know who uses SlideShare twice as much as any other social network?

Did you know that more content was shared in 2014 on SlideShare that any other year? Any idea why? Here are 6 reasons.

6 Reasons Why SlideShare is the Largest Professional Content Sharing Community

These 6 reasons make SlideShare is the largest professional content sharing community. Knowing more about who is using SlideShare, and why, may change the way you create and position your content on SlideShare.

1. A Unique Niche

SlideShare has carved out a unique niche focused on visual content in the form of presentations and infographics for busy business professionals.

LinkedIn purchased SlideShare in 2012. They saw the value of the presentation niche for their own members. In an article in, Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, explains that presentations are one of the main ways leaders communicate. They use presentations to share their ideas and knowledge. They also gain insights they need to be more productive and successful.

The best presentations educate, inspire, and entertain. But making it digital requires even more thought, since the presentation stands alone without the presenter.

The best presentations for digital should tell the story in a visual way. So the right words, images, graphics, charts, etc. matter which leads us to reason number 2.

2. Allows you To Make Your Ideas Visual

Visual content is becoming more in demand as people are pressed for time.

The use of visual information has increased by 9900% on the Internet since 2007. Looking at the graphic below enables you to quickly pick out the facts. It’s memorable.


Many studies have been done on the brain and memory. A mnemonic is a learning technique to enhance information retention.

The human mind remembers things that mean something. Information it can easily remember and relate to. The brain filters out things that aren’t interesting.

Techniques exist to trigger your memory and hold your interest. One of those is to visualize.

Visual content taps into emotions, quickly informs, and makes it easier to connect and engage with your audience. It’s also the first leg of the Triangle of Engagement.

Visual content includes design elements like images, graphics, charts, and diagrams to help grab attention, quickly highlight important points, and stimulate interest. They’re great for inspiring the imagination and simplifying a complex process.

Check out this graphic on the Adaptive Radiation in Twitter Applications.



3. Makes an Idea Simple and Easy to Digest

Executives and business owners are always on the lookout for good ideas and a SlideShare deck can express an idea simply and quickly.

Not only that, SlideShare is a familiar format. Many companies already use PowerPoint or Google presentations to highlight key points and communicate their ideas at in-person events, product demos, webinars, and even at trainings.

SlideShare enables you to repackage your presentations in a more dynamic way. You can sync mp3 audios, embed videos, and upload presentations to a hub where other business professionals around the world can view and share them. Besides presentations, you can upload videos, infographics, and documents too.

It’s ideal for highlighting interesting, informative, and funny content that’s quick to scan and easy to share.

So, who is using SlideShare and why?

4. Targets Decision Makers

SlideShare reported that in 2014 more than 4.2 million presentations, infographics, videos, and documents were shared. It was their biggest year for content shared.

Let’s find out why.

The Content Marketing Institute, [B2B and B2C Content Marketing 2014 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends Reports], discovered that companies are using social media platforms more frequently than last year.

The majority of B2B marketers consider the most effective social platform to be LinkedIn. Taking the cue from B2B, the B2C markets jumped on LinkedIn, which had the largest surge, from 51 percent to 71 percent.

One of the biggest increases in social platforms this year for B2B companies was SlideShare, a jump from 23 to 40 percent.




According to Comscore at B2B Marketing Insider, business owners use SlideShare five times more than any other social network.


Todd Wheatland, author of the Marketer’s Guide to SlideShare reveals, “SlideShare targets buyers and influencers who might like to buy your product.“

In Q4 of 2013, SlideShare averaged 60 million monthly visitors, 215 million page views, and more than 15 million content uploads. It’s also among the top 120 most-visited websites in the world.


5. Attracts Leaders Hungry to See Your Business Ideas

SlideShare is focused on sharing content for business professionals by business professionals. But did you know that it is home to the most powerful and influential business leaders.

It gets an average of two times the traffic from C-level executives than any other social network does.

Quiet Giant SlideShare Infographic

C-level executives go to SlideShare to spot things like trends, to gather ideas to innovate and support a winning culture, to improve leadership, and inspire team building and customer engagement. They face higher-stakes decision-making and have more demands on their time. So streamlined information is key.

They are searching for useful business content as presentations are one of the main ways leaders communicate.

This means that you can present business ideas you hesitated to share on platforms like Twitter or Facebook and reach these decision makers. Remember many of them are hungry for strategies, statistics, facts, and content that’s easy to consume. At the same time, your content can easily be shared on other social platforms too.

6. A Lead Generating Tool

Another big advantage, especially for B2B marketers, is lead generation. SlideShare has native lead generation capabilities. (This is a paid service being redesigned.)

The slides can also be designed to collect contact information from users right within the slide presentation, as seen below.

Lead Generation Barneys New York

SlideShare also has a widget that allows presentations to be easily embedded into other websites and blogs where leads can be captured. You can track which sites the leads are coming from.

Now you know 6 reasons why using SlideShare is important to your content mix to attract customers. But do you know what makes all the pieces fall into place to connect with and propel them to share your content?

Top 3 Motives to Share Content

I recently ran across a poll by Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange (OTX), the global innovation center for the world’s third largest market and opinion research firm.

They surveyed people globally to find out why they share stories, news, statistics, photos and other content on social media. The top three motives were to share things that are:

  • Interesting (61%)
  • Important (43%)
  • Funny (43%)

52 Tools for any company to innovate like a startup, was shared 170,428 times as of this post. It’s interesting and useful, but it’s amusing too. With the right distribution strategy, the possibilities are endless.


Do you consider what content would be interesting, important, and even amusing to business leaders and decision makers? If not, simply do a little research to find out. Then measure which type of content is more effective, and gets more exposure, so you can create engaging SlideShares.

To Recap Who is Using SlideShare and Why

SlideShare is the hub to the world’s largest business presentation and content sharing community with an average of 60+ million monthly visitors and climbing.

Knowing more about who is using SlideShare, and why, will allow you to create more relevant content to capture decision makers.

These 6 reasons explain the who and the why.

  1. A unique niche focused on visual content in the form of presentations and infographics for busy business professionals.
  2. Allows you to make your ideas visual.
  3. Makes your strategies simple and easy to digest.
  4. Targets buyers and influencers who might like to buy your product.
  5. Attracts C-level executives hungry to see your business ideas.
  6. Includes lead generation capabilities.

SlideShare has a unique audience compared to other social sites. It is home to the most powerful and influential business leaders. They are C-level executives, buyers, reporters, and other influencers who are already looking for ideas and might like to buy your products or services.

Many of these decision makers are hungry for strategies, statistics, facts, and content that’s easy to consume and easily shared. They expect to see your business ideas. So you can present content you hesitated to share on platforms like Twitter or Facebook.

SlideShare has carved out a niche highlighting presentations using visual content that’s easily shared for these busy business professionals. Visual content is more memorable, engaging, and quicker to scan.

If you’re already using SlideShare, you may find some of these facts and tips helpful in getting the most out of using it.

Still not convinced or need more tips on using SlideShare? In the next article I’ll share with you two reasons why now is a great time to be on SlideShare.

I’d love to hear your comments.
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What results have you experienced from using SlideShare?

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