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4 Steps To A Thriving Customer Advocate Program

We’ve all heard the reports that due to online research over 60% of the B2B sales process is over before buyers contact a salesperson. But, that doesn't mean it happens in all cases. And not every … [Read more...]

9 Top Content Marketing Trends In 2014 You Need To Know

“Companies are producing a lot of content, but we’re also consuming a lot more too,” explained Michael Brenner, VP of Global Marketing and Content Strategy for SAP. Michael was the closing keynote … [Read more...]

3 Tips To Give Your Content Marketing A Healthy Boost

  Did you ever wonder ... why your marketing content doesn't have the stamina and vitality it did when you first released it.  What healthy choices have you made to breathe new life into … [Read more...]

Discover One Big Content Marketing Tip (used by Bruce Willis in RED and Brainshark)

He's a former black-ops CIA agent. He's retired, lives in a quiet suburb, and often chats with an attractive customer service agent 13 hours away. He's considered code RED—Retired Extremely … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Get Inside The Mind Of Your Ideal Customer (and it’s not just about data)

Do you know the "one thing" stressing her out during the day and keeping her up at night? Do you know what motivates her? What are her biggest challenges and desires? What is she unaware of that could … [Read more...]