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creativeLIVE: From a $100 startup and FREE Content to an Audience of Millions [Part 1] - contenttriggers blog

creativeLIVE: From A $100 Startup And FREE Content To An Audience Of Millions [Part 1]

From Camera to Millions of Followers He dropped out of Med School, and quit pursuing a PhD in the Philosophy of Art, all to follow his passion as a photographer. But at that time photographers and other creatives held on tight to their trade secrets. He thought if he was ever in a position to change this mindset, he would.

As painful as it was, he made his own dent, learned skills in real time, and grew his own trade secrets. In fact he became one of the top 1% earners in the industry. The difference was he unleashed those secrets for FREE, ten years before it was mainstream to do so. During this time he built an audience of several millions because of it.

Chase Jarvis said, “The information wanted to be FREE… and in the process I saw how valuable it was.”

Jarvis then collaborated with a friend Craig Swanson. He combined his model of creative passion, real time learning and free information with Swanson’s masterful technology skills and tinkering with live webinars.

And in 2010, creativeLIVE was born. It was a $100 Start-up with a $25 microphone.  They’ve been profitable ever since. [You can watch the full interview below with Jarvis and Rip Empson of TechCrunch, March 26, 2013.]

Chase Jarvis of CreativeLive


What Makes creativeLIVE Different?

There are over 245,000,000 results of “How To” videos in YouTube … and many online learning companies are popping up. What makes creativeLIVE stand out?

First of all creativeLIVE has aced the Triangle of Engagement. Visualize, Personalize, and Interact to fully engage their audience. Plus Jarvis explains…

There are 3 Big Reasons creativeLIVE is different :

1. The LIVE component + Social Interaction = True Engagement

Someone (an expert, a hero, a celebrity) standing in front of an audience, sharing what they know has always been popular, especially when the audience can ask questions and get feedback. That’s also the advantage of live education. It’s visual and for most people makes it easier to remember.

This format reminds me of the famous talk shows and call-in radio shows.

Remember the live audience on The Oprah Winfrey Show . It aired nationally for 25 seasons and was the highest rated talk show in American television history.

Then there’s The Tonight Show , still running since 1954. It’s the longest, currently running, regularly scheduled, entertainment program in the U.S.

What about Ellen DeGeneres? Her daytime show Ellen  combines live studio guests with her TV and Internet audience, plus social interaction online. Her show pulls in 3.5 million viewers a day . In fact she holds the crown as The First Twitter User to Reach 50 Million Twitter Followers .

I’m from New England and periodically tune into The Paul Parent Garden Club radio talk show on Sunday mornings. He’s been sharing gardening tips and advice to his listeners for 29 years. He has over a half million loyal listeners and can be heard all over the country. People LOVE him and swear by his advice.

People listening to experts, watching, and asking questions both live and online, is engaging. It empowers people to interact and inspires them to make things happen.

2. The World’s Best-of-the-Best

Everyone needs to improve their skills in business today. It doesn’t matter what industry or profession you’re in. Continuing education is what will set you apart from your colleagues and competitors. It will enable you to pass on the updated knowledge to your customers. If you learn the latest skills and pitfalls to avoid from trusted experts, you can make your job easier, save loads of time, and be more successful at it.

CreativeLIVE finds the top 1% of the experts in their respective fields. The best photographers, designers and filmmakers, Pulitzer prize winners, NY Times Best Sellers, successful business experts, and entrepreneurs who have proven skills. People you want to interact with and learn their trade secrets.

I’ve taken over a handful of these workshops and I agree that they’re based on real experts, with REAL LIVE skills you can use immediately. I love upgrading my skills and I’ve taken hundreds of trainings in my day, besides being a trainer myself. These workshops are some of the best I’ve seen. LIVE Internet is as close as you can get to being there.

3. Breakdown the Barriers

CreativeLIVE uses the freemium business model.

What is a “freemium” model? Freemium , popular in the software industry, combines two business models “free” and “premium.” It’s giving away a free or ‘lite’ (limited features) version of the software to promote a paid, feature-rich version.

Having a free option takes all the friction out of the system. You get to experience their service and they build their credibility.

At creativeLIVE, anyone in the world with Internet access can watch it LIVE and for free. Being in the live audience, you can ask questions and interact with the instructors. If you’re online, you can still ask questions in their chat room, on the forum, or on their Facebook page. You do get your questions answered because I’ve experienced it.

Many of the sessions also include a free replay the very next day. If you can’t stay or want to review the information on your own time, simply purchase the session. They affordably run from around $29.00 up to $299.00.

The Freemium model breaks down 3 barriers:

1. Cost.
The LIVE sessions are free. If you want to watch them at your convenience on-demand you simply purchase it at a reasonable price and build your own library.

2. Geography.
Anyone around the world with Internet access can watch the workshops.

3. Access to the Top Experts.
You have the ability to connect with top talent you otherwise may never have access to. And they can answer your questions. If you

If there’s enough value people will pay to get the information. It saves them time in the long run and they learn current tips and How To’s from the best experts.

In Summary

creativeLIVE is a disruptive, innovative leader in the Education Industry and in particular eLearning. What makes them different is that they marry the LIVE component with social interaction in sharing trade secrets of the top 1% of experts in their fields. Then they break down the barriers even further by offering a freemium model, where everyone in the world with Internet access can grab the education for FREE. They create true engagement with their audience.

It’s a fantastic outlet for creative entrepreneurs and business professionals who want to upgrade their skills and apply them to make it profitable.

In part two we’ll discuss exactly how successful they are.

Is it true that people are too inundated with information? Do most people prefer short form content, like 3 to 20 minute videos, 800 word blog posts, or a 5 page white paper? Where does that leave creativeLIVE with their full day workshops? Let’s find out in Part Two.

Have you taken any of their workshops? If not, check out creativeLIVE here . Besides the creative sessions, they offer business and lifestyle too. And remember, you can enroll FREE to the latest LIVE courses.

Photo Credits: © Basvof | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images


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