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creativeLIVE: From A $100 Startup And FREE Content To An Audience Of Millions [Part 2] - contenttriggers blog

creativeLIVE: From A $100 Startup And FREE Content To An Audience Of Millions [Part 2]

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In Part 1, we talked about the birth of creativeLIVE, the masters of LIVE eLearning for the Creative Industry and branching out into Business and Lifestyle. We also discussed the 3 biggest reasons they’re different. Now let’s dive into just how successful they are.

People are overloaded with content, or are they really?

Is it true that people too are inundated with information? Do they prefer short form content, like a 2 minute video, a 450 word blog post, or a 3 page report that some marketers incorrectly call a white paper? (more about that in another post…)

Well, I believe it depends on your audience. What do they want to get out of your content? What are the desires they want to meet, or solutions they want to solve, at that time? Often a 3 page report just can’t give enough details to get the reader to make the changes she needs … that’s why an effectively written white paper can give your customer the recipe to take action.

Let’s see how creativeLIVE serves up their content.

A typical LIVE one day session at creativeLIVE runs 9:00 – 4:00 PST. That’s 7 hours including breaks. Several of the classes are 3 days … a total of 21 hours of content plus bonuses. If you can’t stay the entire time, you simply pick it up later in the evening, the next day, or just purchase the video class.

Regardless, that’s a lot of content!

As it turns out, people aren’t full, they’re hungry for content. But not just any content. Content that truely helps them with their challenges, empowers them to take action, and even entertains them.

Companies like creativeLIVE have proved it.

Hang on it gets better.

How successful are they?

CreativeLIVE has now surpassed 12.5 million learning hours, with over 1 million hours each month from their highly motivated and targeted audience.

One Photoshop class alone included 150,000 people from 178 countries and consumed 460,000 viewer hours of content. (I was actually in that class.) That’s an average of over 3 hours of content consumption per person.

They started with photography. Now they’ve added design, software, video & film, business and lifestyle categories, with more to come. They’re giving creative entrepreneurs the tools to excel and make money in their business from a variety of avenues.

According to Co-Founder Chase Jarvis, CreativeLIVE has paid out millions to their instructors.

CreativeLIVE also raised $7.5 million dollars since last year, mainly from Greylock Partners, a leading the venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley, backing companies like LinkedIn, Constant Contact and Pandora to name a few. Two of Hollywood’s largest talent agencies, Creative Artists Agency and William Morris Endeavor have also invested in the company.

Creativity is the new Literacy

Creativity in business is their focus. Chase explains it as a $100+ billion market. Chase explains, “Creativity is the new literacy.”

It’s not hype. Creativity can catapult a company to success, just like creativeLIVE.

Co-founder Craig Swanson explains they wanted to build a platform designed to bring in the best leaders and teachers to provide an opportunity for all of us to follow our passion and get paid for it.

Perhaps, the biggest success for creativeLIVE is in changing the lives of millions of creative artists in business all over the world by inspiring them to take the next step.

Watch the interview with Co-Founder, Craig Swanson.

The Culture

Another big part of their success is in the culture. It begins with their employees.

They have attracted great talent. They currently have about 75 employees and 100 contractors. People that are motivated and believe they’re creating something with a purpose—to inspire others to succeed.

creativeLIVE created a culture that empowers their people and their instructors, to empower their audience. They help artists and other entrepreneurs to move forward with their passions and enhance their skills to make money by doing what they love to do.

creativeLIVE has now become a community.

The Bigger Picture

It’s not just theory. Unlike the current educational system, each instructor has working knowledge on their specialty. They’re sharing what works in the real business world. It’s not just thinking. It’s about doing.

Read this article by James Slavet from Greylock Partners. Five Things That America’s Top schools Could Learn From a Two Year Old Startup.

It’s the bigger picture. People are inspired to gain real insights and are empowered to move their passions forward as a business to make money. This not only grows our economy, but creates a society of people who love what they’re doing and are able to engage their customers long-term. It inspires people to create a lifestyle built to last.

Have you taken any courses at creativeLIVE?
Everyone has unique talents and is creative in their own special way. How are you empowering people to use their creativity?

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