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Discover One Big Content Marketing Tip (used by Bruce Willis in RED and Brainshark) - contenttriggers blog

Discover One Big Content Marketing Tip (used by Bruce Willis in RED and Brainshark)

Advocates Promote Customer Love
He’s a former black-ops CIA agent. He’s retired, lives in a quiet suburb, and often chats with an attractive customer service agent 13 hours away. He’s considered code RED—Retired Extremely Dangerous.

His secrets are now the agency’s key targets. The only way out is to break into the CIA and find out who is trying to kill him.

What’s his next step?

He seeks out his advocates. They’re former agents, also retired just like him, who know the secrets.

They band together with former colleagues, contacts and significant others—people they can trust—to form a strong go-to network when they need it as they break into the CIA to take action. In case you haven’t seen it, it’s the movie RED starring Bruce Willis.

The movie RED.

The movie RED.

Here’s the one big tip from RED. Seek out your advocates.

These are people you’ve built a relationship with. You genuinely understand their interests and their needs. Your products or services have made their lives easier and more profitable. Maybe you’ve helped them in some way to accomplish what they needed to do.

Now is the time to ask questions and get their feedback. Inspire them to share their ideas and successes with you and create content that would be mutually beneficial.

Be grateful for their contributions and ask them how they would like to be recognized for their support.

Does it work?

I recently attended the 2013 Content Marketing Bootcamp Boston hosted by Kapost and Oracle/Eloqua. One of the sessions was called Don’t forget the Messenger! Boosting Content Distribution by Mobilizing Advocates. The speaker was Joan Babinski, VP of Marketing at Brainshark.

They partnered with Influitive, advocate marketing experts, to create an advocate marketing program. As a result they’ve increased their content posted through Twitter by 59% (+44% through employees and +15% customer advocates). Not to mention building customer loyalty.                                   Increasing content posted to Twitter by 59% by Brainshark

Let’s take a closer look…

You need content in places where your ideal customers hang out and throughout their buying journey. So you not only need enough content, but it has to be relevant too. However, you don’t have to come up with all the content ideas and create it only within your marketing team.

Joan Babinski explains 4 major steps to tap into your network (just like in the movie RED), create more relevant content, and share it.

1. First, plan your content strategy in advance and find your advocates. People who support your interests and are willingly promote you.

Like happy customers and fans of your products and services. Employees who are subject matter experts, social media contributors, or work face-to-face with customers. Partners, investors, and influencers you’ve built a relationship with. Find out who’s talking about you on other sites such as Quora and through comments on other blogs.

2. Then choose the advocates among these people who would be willing to contribute to and spread your content.

Seek out people who you feel you can trust.

Some people think having a large number of followers will bring in new business. But Joan explains you can’t just count on followers. They may “Like” you, but know very little about you.

Your advocates are people who are most passionate and invested in you, your products and services.

3. Once you’ve found your advocates then build a strong content distribution and word-of-mouth network.

Get these people involved so they can share their insights. Interview them. Give them a voice. Build credibility. Invite them to create articles and blog posts on your site. Write case studies highlighting their successes.

At the same time try to resolve any issues they may be having with your products or services. Be genuinely interested in helping them and continue to nurture and build the relationship.

Brainshark has also had great success in rewarding their advocates for contributing. Find out how your advocates would like to be acknowledged for speaking on your behalf.

4. One last thing, Joan explains consumption is just as important as distribution.

So make it easy to share and provide choices. Include share buttons on your site, your blog and in your content. And remember to measure the engagement you get.

In summary, seek to build a network of advocates. You will not only inspire opportunities to enhance your content marketing, but if done well, you will create a better experience for your customers, employees, partners and influencers who will want to speak on your behalf.

This is a nice example of the 3rd Trigger in the CENTER Model, Nurture.

Who is Brainshark?

Brainshark helps companies of all sizes easily transform content, such as PowerPoint docs, into voice-enriched, mobile-ready video presentations accessed anytime and anywhere. They can even be tracked to measure results.

They have a free, cool app for iOS mobile devices called SlideShark™.

In the breakout session, Joan showed me her presentation on her iPad using this app. And it’s all stored in the cloud. (I’ll be reviewing the app in a future post.) In the meantime, check it out!

Photo Credits: Photo of Heart Clouds courtesy of iStockPhotos. Video Credits: Red Official Movie Trailer by VISO Trailers on YouTube.

What about your messengers?
Do you have advocates contributing to your content to make it more interesting and real?
If so what has worked for you?

I’d love to hear your comments below.


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