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Mission Statement

Welcome to the contenttriggers blog  – the place where companies can find insights from experts, innovative ideas, and resources to rethink how they market and connect with their audience to grow their businesses through content. 

Are you wondering what some companies are doing to create content their customers love? Are you trying to figure out what makes your company stand out from everyone else in your industry to attract more customers? Are you looking for resources to guide you to make a long-term connection with your audience through content?

This digital resource can help you with that.  In fact, it focuses on the CENTER strategy to help you simplify the process. This strategy helps you keep your ideal audience at the center of all your content through these 7 Triggers – Connect – Engage – Nurture – Trust – Educate – Repackage – P.S. Plan. Share.  If you haven’t already, grab my eBook, 7 Triggers for Irresistible Content. It’s a Free resource!