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Discover How Your Content Can Create a Multilayer Buyer Experience - contenttriggers blog

Discover How Your Content Can Create A Multilayer Buyer Experience

Create a mutilayerd buyer experience using 7 powerful layers of content.
Multilayered cakes of the south were actually exchanged for currency, expert status and a tasty buyer experience. The more layers, the more irresistible the cake.

When you make a 7-layer cake you must include all the ingredients at just the right time to come up with a masterpiece.

Or your cake may turn out to be a flop. 🙁 (Even though I’m not from the south, I’ve tried it.)

Believe it or not, it’s the same with crafting marketing content. One or two layers are not enough, and the key ingredients must be added to gain traction and create a memorable buying experience. Let’s look at the facts.

Nine out of 10 companies use content to market their business. (B2B Content Marketing: 2013 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends) But only 36% of them feel they’re effectively connecting with buyers and getting results.

So, What Layers Are Missing?

Let’s start with how buyers make their decisions to buy. Buying behaviors have shifted drastically. Even from a few years ago.

Buyers are not only faced with a flood of distractions, they’re also sucked into the addictive nature of Web browsing. They get what they want at the touch of a finger.

You Have 8 Seconds or Less to Connect…

Think about it. You may only get 8 seconds or less to grab and keep your buyers’ attention with your marketing messages.

They not only find what they want, but when and where they want it.

Companies that are still delivering too many sales messages focused on products, services and pricing to every buyer can’t possibly grab the attention of their target customer. Yet alone keep it.

Content has to be crafted in a different way from what many companies are used to. The one-size-fits-all approach is long gone. Organizations are planning new ways of communicating, connecting and keeping up with changes.

7 Powerful Layers to Becoming a Master at Crafting Content

As I sifted through files of industry research studies, trends, personal experiences and success stories of companies and individuals who are making it happen with content, certain triggers—7, to be exact—rose to the top.

These 7 triggers make up the CENTER Model for content marketing—the recipe for a 7-layer masterpiece. Check out the 7 Triggers infographic to give you a quick, but clear picture of the process.

In a nutshell, this is the formula to help you sell value first. It combines a person’s core desires, changing behaviors and business needs all packed into seven powerful ingredients. Together they can help you craft content that positions your customer at the center of all your marketing messages while addressing your key objectives.

But remember, just like baking a 7-layer cake, missing one of the ingredients can ruin the whole experience.

What Does This Do For You, and What Comes Next?

The CENTER strategy for content marketing gives your buyers a reason to pay attention, to want more information from you, and eventually choose to do business with you.

So, I’d like to think of this blog as a place where these 7 triggers can come to life.

   Connect–Engage–Nurture–Trust–Educate–Repackage–P.S. Plan. Share.

The CENTER Concept

Think of it this way, these triggers stay the same. It’s the tools, the trends and behaviors driving these triggers that continuously change. That’s what you have to keep on top of.

In This Blog We’ll Discuss…

In this blog we’ll discuss how to keep customers at the center of your content in each of these 7 layers I call triggers. We’ll talk about the latest techniques, who’s doing what, trends, tools and even resources categorized into the 7 triggers. This process helps to organize your thoughts, compare your existing content and streamline your planning for new content to be more effective.

Personalize your experience. Take a look at all of them, or concentrate on the ones you’re missing. Keep an open mind and let’s have a little fun exploring this.

I invite you to share your comments on these 7 triggers and the changes ahead. [Just in case you noticed, there are 8 layers in the multilayered cake above. The P.S. is split into Plan and Share.]

Find out how you can give your content marketing a healthy boost.

Photo: Courtesy of iStockphoto | fourseasons ; Graphic: The CENTER Concept diagram by Deb Monfette

Which of these triggers do you do well or would like to see more information on?
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