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Passion First: Why Does Your Company Do What It Does? - contenttriggers blog

Passion First: Why Does Your Company Do What It Does?

In a special report a few years back in BtoB Magazine, John Osborn, president and CEO of the ad agency BBDO, shared timeless advice, “It’s increasingly important to get to the why and the what. Why does this company do what it does, for what benefit, for what purpose?” It’s not just about selling what the product or the service does. But, it’s how they make a difference in the lives of their customers and their clients. It’s about their passion.

IBM Design Thinking

IBM is not just about selling IT software, hardware, and services to companies all over the globe. Their passion is centered around their users. They want to create systems that solve current challenges for the people using them.
For instance, they have an entire group called IBM Design Thinking. They take an idea and work with designers, developers, product management, and marketing to collaborate and design solutions focused on their users and what they do best, not on mundane tasks. They want to erase challenges and deliver solutions that delight their users. They want to save them time, create great experiences, and make their lives easier.

One example is IBM Bluemix. Their objective is to reimagine developing apps in the cloud. The Bluemix team used IBM Design Thinking to focus on making the developer’s life easier and creating better results faster. They began by working directly with dozens of developers in the enterprise, midsize businesses, startups, and even the weekend warriors to understand their needs.

They found out that instead of spending loads of time on things like database configurations and pulling resources, developers wanted to spend more time on creating apps that delight their users. At the same time, many companies find it difficult to experiment with new ideas because they lack the flexibility and scalability of IT resources.
IBM Bluemix Designers' inspiration board

Now, using Bluemix, a developer will only have to spend 30 minutes or less to build and run an app using IBM and third-party APIs. The complex, mundane tasks are already taken care of and companies can spend more time on developing and innovating apps for their users.

It’s all about the “why and the what” and understanding your audience.

American Express Relationship Building

Another example is American Express OPEN Forum. American Express isn’t just selling credit cards. They’ve become a resource for business owners wanting to learn about technology, leadership, customer service, and more. They are building credibility and trust with business owners by giving them a safe space to educate, share advice, and even entertain them through true stories, tools, and resources.
American Express OPEN Forum: How Effective Leadership Helped a Neon Light Company Achieve Success


IBM isn’t just trying to sell IT software and services. They have a passion for creating systems that solve current challenges for the people using them. They make their lives easier and more efficient and create great user experiences.
American Express isn’t just selling credit cards. They have a passion for helping other businesses be more successful by providing free resources through The OPEN Forum. As a result, they’re building credibility and trust to create relationships with their audience first.
So what is your company passionate about? Why does your company do what it does, for what benefit, for what purpose?

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