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Are You Using SlideShare To “Show And Tell” How You #GetCustomerLove?

Every company has a story to tell.

Are you using SlideShare to “show and tell” how you are offering an exceptional experience that your customers love?

In the last post I shared 7 golden nuggets to make your SlideShare decks come to life.

In this post, I’m going to show and tell how you can create a captivating presentation. A story that connects with your audience’s mind and jogs their imagination to think and believe in your big ideas and your passions … a way to show how you #GetCustomerLove.

After I did my research and found those 7 nuggets, I decided to give SlideShare a spin. But before I did, I made sure I had the right mindset.

Show and Tell

Have you read Show and Tell: How Everybody Can Make Extraordinary Presentations? It’s Dan Roam’s latest book.

Show and Tell: Dan Roam

He shares three fascinating rules of show and tell:

  1. Lead with the truth and the heart will follow.
  2. Lead with a story and understanding will follow.
  3. Lead with the eye and the mind will follow.

Roam explains that when we follow these rules great things happen. By telling the truth and leading with story, we connect with our audience, get them to feel our passion, and make complex ideas easier to understand.

But when we add pictures too, extraordinary things happen. Emotions take over and we connect with our audience’s mind and imagination to think and believe.

That’s exactly how you can use SlideShare to communicate your big ideas and your passions.

Lead with the truth and tell a story. Use personal pictures to elicit emotions.

Get Your Customers to Love You! is a SlideShare that will trigger your imagination on how you too can create a remarkable customer experience.

Let’s take trip to SlideShare storyland where I repackaged a live interview into a slide deck to tell the story.

Get Your Customers to Love You!

This SlideShare deck was repackaged from the interview Ray Stendall, Publisher of Customer Engagement Magazine (CEM), conducted with Kevin Thompson, VP of Customer Experience at Barneys New York. I created this for CEM. It was the perfect opportunity to repackage some of their very insightful content and tell this remarkable story in a more visual and simple way.

I chose Barneys New York because they are a very visual brand, they have unique products, and they cater to their customer’s experience. (Which, by the way, is why they were highlighted at CEM.)

  High Expectations

The current title is:

Get Your Customers to Love You! How Barneys New York Thrives on Customer Experience in the Competitive Luxury Market.

Tip: The title and cover in SlideShare can always be changed to test the difference in engagement by views, shares, and embeds.

The Story of Barneys New York

I researched where I could capture unique ideas and visual images to show and tell the deeper story of Barneys New York. One thing I found was their micro site, The Window. I got a close-up view of what happens beyond shopping for luxury clothes, shoes, or bags.

The Details

The Window gives you access inside the business, a glimpse into the minds of the designers, field notes, and other interesting bits, such as food and drink recipes from their own chefs. It was exciting to be able to capture some unique and colorful images I could potentially use for personalizing the story in the deck.

The customer experience at Barney’s is unlike any other retail store. They even reflect that in their window displays which were showcased on the site. It was here that the cover jumped out at me.

Prada Window Display at Barneys New York

Photographed by Tom Sibley.

The cover represents the inspirational Prada window display at Barneys New York that explores the relationship of two people and the complexities of life. It’s true artistry. Take a look inside and read the story for yourself. Scroll down to watch the amazing video of behind the scenes footage on how they made their displays come to life. It’s a brilliant piece of work and worth spending 02:43 watching the video in Beauty in Darkness: The Prada Windows Up Close.

The designers at Barney’s used exquisite, custom-made mannequins that reflected the “true character and beauty in a face that comes with age.” It evokes emotion. It’s visual. It’s interesting, and it’s memorable.

This story led me to the big idea for the SlideShare …

The Big Idea

The big idea in this deck gets you to imagine … “How can you give your customers an unparalleled, branded experience they cannot get anywhere else? An experience they want as badly as the product. And keep them shopping for your brand.”

Remember, people use SlideShare to search for interesting ideas, statistics, and easily consumable business content. SlideShare decks should quickly grab attention by sharing BIG ideas. Not the complex details. Keep those for the documents—longer format content such as, white papers, reports, eBooks, or technical documents (by the way, you can upload them to SlideShare too).

Instead of sharing all the details, choose one process, one idea, or one chapter in a book for each slide deck.

Or go to the next step in presentations and create a more detailed resource called a Slidedoc. Nancy Duarte, a communications expert in presentations and visual storytelling, developed Slidedocs to combine visuals with scannable text for a more engaging reference and leave-behind content.

The Story Planning

First, I decided on the feel of the piece. I chose the colors, the fonts, and the layout to create and identify Customer Engagement Magazine.

Once I got the big idea for the message, I was able to extract the essential details from the interview, the transcript, and their micro site, The Window, to create a storyboard in PowerPoint. I carefully selected and reselected the major text points.

Then, I scoured all my images. I had personal images right from Barneys and found unique stock images to fill in other slides. It was matter of editing and re-editing to get just the right message to tell the story.

Tip: You can create a mindmap, or use a tool like Evernote or Scrivener to collect of all the pieces of the story, organize your materials and create your messaging.

The Story Path

The story begins by triggering your imagination. It also gives you inspiration into seeing the possibility of an unparalleled customer experience. Next, it shares the differences in the competitive luxury industry from other markets. It leads briefly into the history of the luxury market and jumps into 3 big obstacles encountered today.

Possibilities -> Differences -> History -> 3 Big Obstacles

The big idea then unfolds…

What is it that their customers want? And, what type of experience is Barneys New York creating for them?

The whole deck should stimulate your thinking in two ways.

  1. To see the experiences you can get as a customer.
  2. To imagine how you can create your own unforgettable experiences your customers would love.

Last, you get a quick look at the results.

An effective SlideShare isn’t random slides or bulleted lists. It tells a story. It grabs your attention, inspires your imagination into the possibilities, and gives you a quick look at the obstacles, the big idea, and the results.

 The Story Path

The Summary

Every company has a story to tell, especially when it comes to creating an experience for your customers. SlideShare is a terrific tool to create your story and share it.

If you follow the three rules of show and tell—first lead with the truth, then lead with a story—you can connect with your audience, get them to feel your passion, and make complex ideas easier to understand.

But when you also lead with the eye by adding pictures too, extraordinary things happen. Emotions take over and we connect with our audience’s mind and imagination to think and believe.

Your story can now come to life.

Use the 6 steps of The Story Path to build out your story. Remember to decide on only one big idea and one message per slide to simplify it. Carefully select just enough text to convey your message.

Choose captivating images to inspire your audience, capture their imaginations, and trigger their emotions. But make it personal by choosing photos, facts, and stories inside your company.

The customer experience you provide is just one example. Do you have a complex idea, strategy, product, or service? SlideShare can give you the tools to enable you to simplify your big ideas and convey your passions in a visual way.

This is your chance to take your creativity to the next level and make something fabulous that people will want to remember.

Are you creating SlideShares as part of your content marketing? If you are already using SlideShare to communicate the exceptional experience you give your customers, tweet #GetCustomerLove and share your story.

Or simply share your comments below.

Remember to check out these 7 Tips to save time and make your SlideShare decks more effective.

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