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Do You Know Why Now Is A Great Time To Be On SlideShare?

SlideShare is without doubt a unique social channel for busy business professionals whose lives are filled with presentations. You can make your ideas visual, easier to understand, and have a place to share those important presentations, interviews, and product demos with buyers and influencers who are looking for new ideas, products, and services.

In Q4 of 2013, SlideShare averaged 60 million users worldwide. Not nearly as many users as LinkedIn or Twitter, but this may soon change.

Here are two reasons why now is a great time to be on SlideShare with your content marketing.

Reason 1: A shift in business model

According to, SlideShare is shifting its revenue model, from subscription-based to sponsorship and advertising.

In the latest Q2 earnings call for its parent company LinkedIn, CEO Jeff Weiner explained, “There are going to be opportunities to distribute sponsored content in alternative products and services… environments like SlideShare and some of our new applications that are consistent with our multi-app strategy.” also reports LinkedIn is home to over 313 million users. That’s 253 million users more, than on SlideShare. In order to make the most of sponsored content revenue, SlideShare will need to attract more users.

More users. More exposure.

Reason 2: Pro Features for Free

There used to be a PRO Account that users would pay for, but as of August 20, 2014 they decided to make many of its PRO features free.

Starting in September a new feature will be rolled out each month to make it even better and enable users to see the return on investment.

4 Pro Features, Now Free

You can easily track your progress, personalize your profile, add videos, and decide who you want to share with using these features.

1. Smart Analytics
You will be able to gather engagement metrics such as:

  • Who is sending you traffic and geographically where they are located
  • Who is tweeting your content
  • What is being downloaded, liked, and commented on
  • What the top search keywords were
  • View SlideShares embedded onto other sites vs just SlideShare views
  • Download reports

Make changes to the title, the cover page, and the presentation itself and test the results for different audiences. You can optimize your presentations.


But, if you want to generate leads by collecting emails from within SlideShare, you’ll have to pay for it. It used to be a PRO paid feature. In 2015, according to, internal lead generation will become part of a paid LinkedIn Enterprise solution.

2. Profile Customization

You’ll also be able to brand your profile page with a custom background, organize your favorite SlideShares, and curate relevant content your viewers will love with the Profile Customization.


3.        Upload Videos

52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content marketing with the best ROI. Now upload video for free to SlideShare.

  • Upload videos such as presentations, product demos, interviews, case studies and tutorials.
  • Add Hi-definition videos up to 500MB.
  • Add video to your profile, see below.


4. Private Uploads

This is the first of the free premium features released as of September 9, 2014.  Private Uploads allow you to share your presentations to users you select first. Then you decide if and when you want to share it publicly to the SlideShare community. I used this feature to share the SlideShare with my client so we could make changes before it went live.

Register at SlideShare to receive the latest updates on the new free features.

In Summary

Changes from a new business model to free Pro features and demand for visual content have made SlideShare a much more attractive social network for marketers and business professionals. If you haven’t already consider adding it to your content marketing mix.

Expect an influx of new users to pop up on SlideShare. Attracting more users means a larger audience and greater potential for generating leads. You can easily track your progress with the free Smart Analytics tools (coming soon). Keep posted on the upgrades at SlideShare.

Are you already using any of these features in SlideShare: Smart Analytics, Profile Customization, Uploading Videos, and Private Uploads?

What tips would you like to pick up about using SlideShare to grow your audience? Here are 7 tips to create captivating SlideShare decks to attract your audience.

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